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Album "11 Sergievskaya Street, St Petersburg", 13 watercolours; stamped red morocco binding Album "The War for the Spanish Legacy", 56 engravings Album ''The Golden Book of Lorraine'' Album of Sketches for Court Performances: Balls 1900
Album "Plan of the capital city of St Petersburg, showing its main avenues" Album "The Wars of Louis XIV" , entitled "The Glorious Victories of Louis the Great, with Maps, Panoramas, Views, Plans of the Cities Attacked etc.",Paris Album ''The Magic of the White Rose'' Album. Project of "The Temple of Immortality"
Album "Plan of the capital city of St Petersburg, showing its main avenues" published by St Perersburg Academy of Sciences and Arts in 1753 Album "Views of the New Hermitage" Album of 8 sheets Album: Description of the 'Magic of the White Rose' Festival , on the Occasion of the Russian Empress's Birthday. Gropius Bros. Publishers, Berlin
Album "Prospective views of the provincial town of Kazan, drawn from nature, then lithographed and edited by V. Turin", Moscow, 1834, suite of 8 sheets Album ''The Gold Book of Lorraine'' Album of Polovtsov  


Designs by the artists of the Faberge firm Designs of pieces from the toilet set of Grand Princess Maria Pavlovna, 1907-1908 Designs of pieces from the headdress decorated with sapphires and brilliants, 1894  
Designs for the competition ''Headdress Decorated with Emeralds'', 1903-1904 Designs of gifts commemorating the 300th anniversary of the Romanov House, 1910s    


Edition of 12 engravings "Chambers of the St Petersburg Imperial Academy of Sciences, Library and Kunstkammer"      


Four Seasons Series      


Illustration for the manuscript ''De Secundo Bello Punico Poema'' by Silius Italicus      


Journal of the 1812 Russian Campaign from Willenberg in Prussia to Moscow of Prince Eugene de Beauharnais, Viceroy of Italy      


Manuscript 'Silsilat Al-Dhahhab' by Jami Miniature from ''Anjou Legendarium'' , quaternione 18    


Pair to the painting "The Triumph of Galatea" Panorama "The Visit of Emperor Nicholas II to France in September 1901"    


Royal series of views of Dresden and Pirna      


Series " The biographies of the famous heroes from "The Legend about the Great World " Series "Le Bon Genre", first quarter of the 19th century Series "Views of Moscow and its Environs" Series of drawings ''Voyage de la Crimee'', 1787
Series " The lives of the loyal and faithful vassals " Series "Nasir al-Din, Shah of Persia, visiting St Petersburg in 1873" Series "Views of St Petersburg and Moscow", produce as a gift to Queen Victoria on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of her reign Series of drawings of the Pantheon interior
Series "A hundred famous views of Edo" Series "Neapolitan Views" Series "Views of St Petersburg" Series of drawings showing rarities from the Kunstkammer of Peter I, 1730s
Series "Additional subjects to the fifty-three stations of the Tokaido road " Series "Park Landscapes of the Environs of St Petersburg" Series "Views of the Environs of Rome" Series of paintings devoted to Voltaire
Series "Bacchanalia" Series "Portraits of the Tutors of Future Emperor Alexander II" Series "Views of the Ural mountains" Series of preparatory drawings for the engraved edition "Picturesque journey around the islands of Sicily, Malta and Lipari ", 1782-1787
Series "Big fishes " Series "Reports on Emperor Hunt" Series ''Iconography'' Series of prints with views of St Petersburg and its environs
Series "Death of Alexander III in Livadia" Series "The beautiful and courageous "River Backwaters " Series ''Interiors of the Mansion of Baron A. L. Stieglitz'', 17 watercolours; 1869-1872 Series of prints with views of St Petersburg and its Environs
Series "Designs of Objects from the Dowry of Grand Princess Maria Pavlovna" Series "The Chushingura Drama parodied by the famous beauties" Series ''Projects for Catherine II. Project of the Museum'' Series of St Petersburg's views, 6 sheets
Series "Fashion patterns: new as spring foliage" Series "The Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter" Series ''The Deities'' Series of the 'small' views of St Petersburg of 11 engravings enclosed to the "Panorama of St Petersburg" by A. Zubov
Series "Five Senses" Series "The Four Times of Day" Series ''Views of the English Park in Peterhof'', three watercolours Series of watercolours showing events of the Revolution of 1762
Series "Four Seasons" Series "The Large Views of Paris" Series of 13 albums "Buildings and Monuments of Paris", 1809 Sheet from the album
Series "German Emperor William I visiting St Petersburg in 1873" Series "The reflections of the lives of the famous men of Japan" Series of 28 engravings dedicated to the victories of Louis XIV Sheet from the album "Officers of the Life Guards of the Cavalry-Pioneer Battalion"
Series "Hanafubuki Hakone-no akebono" Series "These Are Our People" Series of 4 paintings: "Landscape with a Terrace and a Cascade", "Landscape with an Obelisk", "Landscape with Ruins", "Landscape with a Waterfall" Sheet from the album of architectural drawings by Giacomo Quarenghi
Series "Hunt" Series "Types of armament and uniform of the Russian Army" Series of designs "Park Constructions" Sheet from the series of drawings for the portraits of the participants in the coronation celebrations of Emperor Alexander III , 1883
Series "Hunting scenes" Series "Views of Crimea" Series of designs "Pavilion in Chinese Style" Sheet from the series of engravings with views of the environs of St Petersburg produced after the painted originals of S.F. Shchedrin
Series "Icons for the Church of the Marble Palace, St Petersburg" Series "Views of France and Paris" Series of designs "Triumphal Arches Commemorating the Coronation Ceremonies" Sketches of the jewellry from Grand Princess Maria Alexandrovna's dowry
Series "Imitation of the anthology "One hundred poets" composed on the mount Ogura " Series "Views of Italy in the Environs of Carpentras" Series of drawings "–°ourt life in Gatchina in 1859" Statues of Emperors of the Habsburg House


The 1812 War Gallery, the Winter Palace The Series ''Views of Father Leseur's Cell in the Trinita dei Monti'' The Series Inhabited Ruins; 6 drawings Typological Window I "The Bible of the Poor"
The Khamsa by Nizami The Series ''Views of Moscow and its Environs'' The Story of Psyche Series  
The Series ''The Villa of Emperor Adrian in Tivoli'' The Series ''Views of St Petersburg and its Environs'' published by the Society for the Promotion of the Arts from 1821 to 1826    


Window N II "The Book of Genesis" Window S II "The Legend of Antichrist"    

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